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Marketing Across the Funnel

I’ve defined the Ideal Customer Profile, Personas, and Buyers’ Journeys. I have created thought leadership blog pieces for awareness. Built quizzes for the consideration stage of the funnel, direct email campaigns for evaluation, and landing pages for conversion. Once they became customers, I developed automation for campaigns to upsell, increase customer satisfaction and improve our renewal rates.



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Increasing brand awareness

My approach to building brand awareness and thought leadership is first of all making sure you know your audience. Then making sure you have a consistent voice across all channels. If you truly know your audience you can create compelling messages that resonate with your customer. But you also need to keep testing and tweaking. Some of that can be based on your SEO research, other modifications can be based on analytics. But find out what works and then do more of it – such as boosting popular social posts, or using popular pieces from the consideration stage of your nurture campaigns for retargeting on social media.

Creative Marketer with A Techie Twist

I have written CSS, HTML, javascript, as well as having done a bit of more Salesforce-centric coding using Lightning Web Components and Apex. I have integrated Salesforce with Hubspot, Eloqua, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics. I have integrated Eloqua with Lithium (our community management platform at the time). API development took data input from forms and added to the CRM, then kicked off nurturing programs for increasing customer engagement as well as Marketing Qualified Leads.


I have developed automation processes for nurturing campaigns, customer support assistance, and internal processes. Personalizing emails and websites and testing responses using Google Analytics and data within our email platform has led to better ROI.

Google Analytics
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Google Ads

What My Colleagues Say

Recommendations from people I have worked with

Jonathan brings tremendous expertise in website management, analytics, and marketing technology, among many other areas. I had the opportunity to work alongside him while serving as a manager of marketing content, and Jonathan was an invaluable partner during this time. His ability to not only own our full MarTech stack but also successfully train large teams in their use was tremendously valuable. I was so grateful to know I had a colleague who not only excelled in operating WordPress, HubSpot, Google Analytics, and other software, but a colleague who also never failed to share his knowledge with other curious team members interested in honing their skills.

Jonathan played a key part in the success of our larger marketing campaigns by expertly managing website updates that increased search engine visibility, effectively leading email distribution, and creating customized reports to set us up for future success.

Christine Bartkowski
Content Marketing Manager at New Meridian

Jonathan has worked as a contractor on my digital marketing team for almost 2 years. As mentioned on another LinkedIn recommendation, Jonathan is definitely a jack of all trades who can pivot from leading on large product campaigns with lead generation, to building websites, to hands on social media community management with customers. He excels at diving deep into projects/ campaigns to evaluate their effectiveness and efficiency. He also is excellent at working through complex issues to develop innovative solutions. If you are looking for someone who can be a self starter and drive your team to new heights, then look no further.

Kevin Barta
VP of Global eCommerce and Digital Marketing at Pearson

Jonathan is a collaborative partner who understands how to work together to achieve goals. We partnered on a large-scale project for about a year. He is talented at turning an idea into reality and is not afraid to seek answers and guidance when needed. He’s empathetic and easy to talk to and brainstorm with. Would be happy to work with him again in the future!

Amanda van Brenk
Senior Customer Care Operations Trainer at Savvas Learning Co

My “go to” for strategic input on content, Jonathan has great insight on content that inspires action. His expertise in marketing operations enables Jonathan to look at campaigns holistically, offering spot-on recommendations for content at appropriate stages of the sales funnel. An energetic team player and all-around fun guy to work with, Jonathan is a huge asset to digital marketing teams.

Andrea Moss
Business Development Manager at Pearson

I worked with Jonathan on the Acuity User Community for almost three years, and watched him grow both the size and effectiveness of the community over that time.

Jonathan is an adept community manager. His vision for the community and his ability to execute on that vision is a rare combination. He was able to coordinate resources from within his organization, his community members, and with other vendors to ensure that progress was being made.

Jonathan also has an eye for detail that often marks great Community Managers. He can shift from a conversation detailing the overarching mission of the community to a conversation about ideal placement of user bars in the interface. This all-encompassing view is what allows communities to flourish and grow. Jonathan would be a great benefit to any organization looking to bolster their community programs.

Jon Wishart
Business Value Director at Khoros

Jonathan manages to balance a calm demeanor with a piercing and creative strategic mind. He helped take ThinkFree from a standing start to over 500,000 unique users in a short time, in a brand new space. He is great at building teams and community, and was instrumental in creating profitable new partnerships for ThinkFree and in creating its brand in the Web 2.0 space. He’s easy to work with — and knows when to push and when to hold back. Any organization would be lucky to land him.

Merredith Branscombe
Writer, Strategist, Narratives. at Leap Strategically, LLC

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